The world's greatest, best trained soldier, Frank Wade has become known as a military-boogeyman since joining the Eagle-One Industries paramilitary Black Ops unit, Raven X. Since being recruited out of US Special Forces to lead his unit Frank Wade has done many atrocities in the name of respecting the chain of command. While it has decorated him and had him promoted more than once, it also broke him over the years. The effects of harming another human being, of fighting in wars are psychological, biological & inescapable—to say nothing of the stains it puts on a human soul, stains that could mean eternal damnation. But, at the moment of his death, Frank Wade gave his life to save the lives of the men and women under his command - thus did he commit the Ultimate Sacrifice and earn a one-chance deal at immortal redemption if he will serve Sha-Khor (Heaven's Special Forces Division). This is the first chapter in an epic, shared universe, tale. $2.99 Ea. DIGITAL COPY $6.49 Ea. HARD COPY DIGITAL COPY HARD COPY