Patrick O'Leary Experts say that the right combination of factors, both biological & environmental can create a psychopathic killer out of any child. They have also said that just one bad day can push the sanest of men or women over the edge of sanity. These factors combine into a nightmare scenario that criminal psychologists have called the "Perfect Storm". Now imagine a lifetime of world shattering events breaking a man over and over well beyond the confines of lunacy. This is Patrick O'Leary. A man with an IQ of 236, superhuman physical strength, speed, senses and reflexes as well as psionic abilities that allow him to drain a person's emotional energy and consume it like food while gaining access to the knowledge and memories of the victim. Patrick O'Leary is quite possibly the most dangerous man on Earth and also, the most insane. In this issue we meet Patrick O'Leary and get a brief introduction to the Gallows Men themselves as they investigate a ritualistic murder of the Llanowar United Corp CEO. $2.99 Ea. DIGITAL COPY $5.99 Ea. HARD COPY DIGITAL COPY HARD COPY